Over 11 Years of Senior Healthcare Experience

Our services are of zero cost to your patients. We charge a fee to the providers of senior citizen services — those that provide hospice, orthotics, prosthetics, etc.

We have been developing relationships with medical and home care professionals for over 23 years. Our mission is to transition your senior patients into the next phase of their lives as comfortably as possible.

Dr. Rajat Prakash, MD

Focused, dedicated and patient centered company.”

Dr. Merkler

I have found Viniculum Care to provide efficient care with great satisfaction from our patients!”

P. Dileep Kumar

Elia is a hard working and enthusiastic business professional with customer service in focus. Her clients love her for her dedication, attention to detail and promptness.

Valerie Wetzel MSN, ACNP- BC

You’re always there. Even on a late Friday or holiday, when most businesses are closed, you go the extra mile to ensure not only quality patient care, but you also secure family & patient understanding and comfort.

Farrukh Naqvi MD, Physician Healthcare Network

Elia always goes beyond expectations when it come to patient care. She is hard working person and always available when needed. Wishing best for her. 

Dr. Cavatio

A committed company providing a thorough health delivery in the community with high standards providing a compassioned approach service. I highly recommend Vinculum Care.

Elia with Patient and Family Discussing Best Options
Elia Hussain Ready to Talk to Providers

Referral Services For:

1. Orthotics

2. Prosthetics

3. Home Care

4. Independent Living

5. Assisted Living

6. Hospice

7. Private Duty

8. Group Homes

Elia Hussain Ready to Talk to Providers

Consulting Services

We are an affordable option to help with your administrative challenges. We can get your orders fulfilled quicker — we are connected with providers on a first name basis. We can walk in to the office to get your order signed, even without a scheduled appointment. We will also provide qualified leads to help you get paid more often.

Let us take care of getting you paid on time.

Let us help you maintain a better use of your resources.

Let us give you peace of mind.

Consulting Services by Vinculum Care

Get Paid Faster


Resolved Issues


Qualified Leads

For New Practices and Providers

We will help connect you to established providers and practices to help grow your business. This will serve to build a strong network of peers and lay the foundation of your practice within your community.

Trusted Partner

We are a resource for your practice’s tool box. Think of us as an extension of services you can offer to your patients! We have done the homework, put the time in building relationships with home care providers, and we find the best solution for every patient, every time.

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